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Veterinary Services

Services for Shelter Animals

Our excellent veterinary staff is dedicated to the care of our shelter animals. Our animals receive testing, inoculations, spaying or neutering, and when required, specialized medical care. We do not provide veterinary treatment for non-shelter animals and we recommend that every pet owner obtain the regular services of a professional veterinarian.

Rabies and Microchipping

Several times a year we offer rabies vaccinations and microchips to the public. The rabies vaccination is $15 and the microchip cost is $25. In order to receive a rabies vaccination that is valid for 3 years, proof of a previous vaccination must be provided. Dogs must be on leash and cats must be in carriers. Microchip registration is the best way to locate lost dogs and cats.


We recommend that all animals be microchipped. Several times a year we offer microchipping to the public.

Click here for information about microchipping and costs.

Animal Poison Control Hotline

Call 888-426-4435 for emergency information about poisons and your pets.

Bites and Rabies

Bites that break the skin should be examined by a medical doctor. Often a tetanus shot may be recommended. The biting animal must be quarantined; animals may have rabies but not yet exhibiting symptoms. Call 911 if you need help to quarantine an aggressive animal.

Does your pet need medical treatment?

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Take your pet to your veterinarian for examination and treatment with these symptoms:

Spay Neuter Clinic

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